Minda Stiles and Itchung Cheung

Minda Stiles has lived in Newport for six years. By day, she provides administrative support to marine mammal scientists at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, and by night is a graduate student in clinical mental health counseling. Minda sings in the band Malarkey Stiles and performs in local theatre. Minda danced in high school, primarily musical theatre, jazz, modern, and contemporary. She jumped at the opportunity to participate in Dancing with the Coastal Stars because she misses dancing and thought it would be great fun to learn to dance with her partner while supporting a great cause. Itchung Cheung has been part of the Newport community for 11 years. He is a father of two, plays a mean game of ping pong, is an avid volleyball player, and loves to cook. Trained as a biological oceanographer, Itchung teaches and manages the academic programs at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Itchung agreed to dance because he thought it would be fun and because it puts a smile on Minda’s face.