Rob and Melissa MacDonald

Rob and Melissa MacDonald established a deep connection after meeting during a time when Rob was caring for his Mother and Grandfather, both with serious illnesses, and Melisa had lost her husband to leukemia. The couple has been married since October 11, 2012 (10/11/12). Rob has been is the restaurant industry most of his working career and after years in management he decided to happily accept a position as a server with Clearwater Restaurant. Melissa is the Relationship Manager for the Newport Symphony Orchestra, the Head JV Cheer Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach for Newport High School and is a full time college student. The couple describes their dancing as “atrocious” and likened their wedding dance to “two sixth grade students at their first dance trying not to step on each other’s feet.”  Melissa danced some in her primary school years. Rob didn’t dance but could roller skate like a champ. “We are excited to have the opportunity to fundraise for such an amazing cause and take on a new challenge as a couple. We’re getting do something that not many get the chance to and we are looking forward to having a new talent that we’ll be able to use together in the future.”