Team Macchia/Jimenez

My full name is Margarita de Jesus Macchia Osio. I was born in Santa Marta, raised in Barranquilla, cities that are located in the North Coast of Colombia, South America and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. I am a lawyer. I moved to the United States in 2006. I work for the WorkSource Oregon Employment Department in Newport as a Bilingual Business & Employment Specialist and Migrant, Seasonal & Farmworkers Representative.

My experience with dance goes back to the day I was born, I was born dancing, the dance is in my blood and runs through my body through my veins, is in my heart, moves and inspires my soul, motivates my life. Like Caribbean and Latina as soon as I hear a drum, a maraca, a trumpet… soon my body begins to move. Obviously Latin rhythms like salsa, merengue and cumbia are my favorite. With my husband we try to go to the local dances in Yachats, Gleneden Beach, Newport, and Lincoln City. There they play the orchestra of Lincoln Pops and the Big Band. When there is a chance we go to Portland to dance salsa.

I’m Julio Cesar Jimenez Perilla. I am an Administrative Assistant at a non-profit agency in Newport. I was born in a family settled in Bogota, Colombia’s capital. Two of my aunts had a music store, and my home was a center of kind of celebrations: Births, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and New Years to the rhythm of the best music and the most exquisite food prepared under the tutelage of my mother.

Because that reason I was born in a home where the music started to be enjoyed from the cradle. Possibly, before to learn to walk, I was rocked to the rhythm of the music that from then on reached my heart and spread through my veins through my whole body that motivated my spirit, my soul, my heart, my mind, my feeling.

From there the music always has been an important part of my life. So much so I met with Margarita, my wife, because of her challenge to show her that I knew how to dance.

When Angela proposed to my husband Julio and me to participate in this beautiful and generous cause, we do not hesitate to accept the challenge and put our “grain of sand” to collaborate and support the community and those people who are in deep need of help. For me it is a pleasure and honor to be part of this event, to share our talents and abilities by doing it in a fun and joyful way for the benefit of a just cause.

We always enjoy dancing.

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Margarita & Julio