First Wednesday Dine Out for Samaritan House

From October to June, restaurants in Newport host a monthly Dine Out for Samaritan House on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Each restaurant gives between 10-50% of their proceeds from that day to Samaritan House, helping to house homeless families with children. This “win-win” fundraiser helps Samaritan House while also boosting the mid-week business of a local restaurant. All Dine Out efforts are coordinated by volunteer extraordinaire Rose Davies. To contact Rose, please email her at

The Dine Out Schedule for 2018/9 is as follows:


October  – Local Ocean

November  – Chalet

December – Georgie’s Beachside Grill

January  – Mos Chowder

February  – Kum Yon’s

March – Chowder Bowl

April – Nana’s Irish Pub

May – Yummy Bowl

June – No Dine Out

July- No Dine Out

August – No Dine Out

September – No Dine Out



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